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Gut Microbiome Nutrition Pioneer DayTwo Raises US$37M For Metabolic Diseases Solution

4 Mins Read Israeli precision nutrition startup DayTwo has raised US$37 million to continue developing its gut microbiome sequencing AI technology that makes dietary recommendations for people with diabetes and other metabolic illnesses. DayTwo says the funds will also contribute to its ongoing research on the link between individual gut bacteria and other diseases to create new precision […]

Health: New Urine Test Can Assess Your Diet Quality, Help Suggest Tailored Nutrition Plan

3 Mins Read Scientists have recently published their findings that a new five-minute urine test can help measure the health of an individual’s diet. It can also reveal each person’s unique urine “fingerprint”. The results represent a breakthrough for personalised health and nutrition, and will help empower individuals with in-depth information on whether their current diet is suited […]