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Karana Brings Jackfruit Vegan Meat Stateside With Multiple Restaurant San Francisco Launches

4 Mins Read Singaporean jackfruit alt meat startup Karana has announced distribution in the U.S. The move comes after a successful rollout through Singapore and Hong Kong. Three San Francisco restaurants will be serving the startup’s flagship jackfruit meat, marking the brand’s first launch outside of Asia. The company has established operations in San Mateo, California. The U.S. […]

As Vegan Demand Surges, Leading Thai Food Company With Plant-Based Range Completes Successful IPO

4 Mins Read Editor’s Update: This article has been updated to reflect that while NR Instant Produce Pcl does indeed manufacture plant-based products including sauces, condiments and jackfruit-based products, the company is not exclusively plant-based- they also make animal products. As Thailand’s plant-based industry continues to surge, from mainstream food chains launching meatless dishes to the emergence of […]