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Healthy Dining: 10 Omni Restaurants with The Best Vegetarian Menus

7 Mins Read Are there good places to get together where vegetarians and meat lovers in Hong Kong can happily coexist? Sure, being a vegetarian in Hong Kong isn’t as challenging as it used to be, but if you’re putting together a small group meal, chances are, not all your friends eat like you. We’ve been in that […]

Dining Guide: Best Vegan & Vegetarian Japanese Restaurants

3 Mins Read Celebrated for its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, Japanese cuisine is usually recognized for its prominence on seafood. Unsurprisingly, Japan consumes 10% of the global fish catch; seafood is deeply engrained in the nation’s culture. However, the country also has a rich history of preparing vegetables with gastronomic flair. Japanese food has plenty to offer for […]