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The Most Exciting Alt Seafood Startups According To A Food Tech Investor

3 Mins Read Editor’s Note: It’s the worst time in history for our oceans. They are filled with plastic, covered in dead zones caused by human pollution, dominated by hugely unethical fishing supply chains… Sealife doesn’t stand a chance and by now, most of us will have heard the dire prediction that we will run out of fish […]

Meet The Students Working On 3D Printed Plant-Based Salmon Fillet

4 Mins Read A team of students, known as Legendary Vish, are now developing 3D printed plant-based salmon. After working on 3D printing processes for medical technologies as a part of their doctorate projects, the group began modifying the technology to print plant-based proteins and binders in a structured seafood fillet format, something that most vegan seafood alternatives […]