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Dutch Government Plans To Slash Livestock Numbers By 30% To Cut Emissions

3 Mins Read The Netherlands is now considering a proposal to slash the number of livestock in the country by nearly a third, in a bid to tackle emissions and ammonia pollution. The plan, which comes amid rising global awareness over the environmental impact of animal agriculture, could also impose cuts on the livestock industry’s land use.  Dutch […]

E.U. Backs Irresponsible ‘Beefatarian’ Campaign Despite Scientific Climate & Health Warnings

3 Mins Read The European Commission has supported the “Become a Beefatarian” campaign launched by big meat corporations, in a last-ditch effort to prop up the European beef sector against the widespread consumer shift towards plant-based, flexitarian and meat-reducing diets. The decision goes against calls from experts and scientists about the need to slash meat consumption to prevent […]

EU Livestock Industry Bigger Source Of Emissions Than Cars & Vans Combined

4 Mins Read The meat and dairy industry in the European Union (EU) produces “more emissions than cars and vans combined,” according to a new Greenpeace report. The analysis, which tracks how the demand for animal meat has directly contributed to Europe’s climbing carbon footprint, says that the bloc must introduce policies to slash emissions from the sector […]