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The 6 Best Plant-Based Meal Plans That Deliver Across the US

4 Mins Read Craving healthy, wholesome plant-based meals but always short on time? Or perhaps you’ve been feeling a little uninspired with your own vegan meals and could do with a little help. Whether you’re just plant-curious or a dedicated herbivore, these ready-made meal services are here to do the trick. We’ve rounded up the top 6 plant-based […]

Global Race For Plant Food Innovation As Consumer Demand Continues To Skyrocket

3 Mins Read Consumer demand for plant-based proteins has accelerated, and manufacturers are now racing to compete in what is quickly becoming a highly competitive market. There is little sign of slowdown: companies are focused on innovating quality plant-based ingredients to keep up with increasingly healthy and environmentally conscious consumers, backed by the latest scientific research on the […]

New Harvard Study Says You Don’t Need Meat, Plant-Based Diet Provides Complete Nutrition

3 Mins Read In a recent study published in Scientific Reports, researchers confirmed that all our nutritional needs can be satisfied without eating meat. In addition to being nutritionally sound, choosing plant-based alternatives would be more environmentally optimal, and conserve more protein and energy than conventional meat. Faced with our global climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and health epidemic, […]