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Global Mental Wellness Economy Now Worth US$120 Billion, New Report Finds

4 Mins Read New research has found that the global mental wellness economy has ballooned to a market worth more than US$120 billion, driven by growing consumer spending in four main segments including sleep, brain-boosting nutraceuticals, self-improvement and meditation. Describing the mental wellness sector as the new “industry bubble”, the report says that there has never been a […]

Breathwork vs Yoga: What’s The Difference?

3 Mins Read Breathwork has gained enormous popularity in recent years with pundits calling labelling it as the ‘new yoga’ or ‘meditation’s little brother’. There’s no doubt this is a net positive. Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough and breathwork has a huge range of benefits. Along with the surge of breathwork practitioners across Asia, some wellness […]

Self-Care Is Not Optional: Why You Need To Take Time Out For Yourself

5 Mins Read Growing up, my mother was (and still very much is) my queen. I idolized her (and still do). She was beautiful, vivacious and had this “hustle hard” mentality that I adopted early on in life. She hardly went on holidays and was defined by her business. I loved her #bossbitch attitude and wanted to be […]

Green Queen Guide To Hong Kong Meditation Centers

6 Mins Read Life in Hong Kong means being in a constant state of stimulation. Neon lights are flashing for your attention. Collective noise from cabs, mobile phones, and street vendors are forcing your senses to stay alert. Throngs of people crowd the sidewalks, jostling for elbow room. It’s hard to get in a quiet moment over all […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Hersha Harilela Chellaram

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? In 2002, Swami Satchidananda (my Guru since childhood), suggested I spend a few weeks at his ashram to take a break from my stressed and confused life to sort my mind out. I took a yoga teacher training and never looked back. Where and what type of yoga do […]

5 Easy Ways To Be More Mindful In Everyday Life

6 Mins Read Mindfulness, the most scientifically investigated form of meditation, has been the subject of a huge growth of interest in clinical and scientific circles in recent years. Mainly because the studies have largely announced the profound effect on our health. But what is mindfulness and how can you find it? Most of us equate mindfulness with […]

Dinacharya Dos: 6 Daily Ayurvedic Self-Care Habits For Optimal Wellbeing

4 Mins Read If there’s one resolution we all need to make, it’s to take better care of ourselves. Preventative healthcare, whereby you work on living a healthier life before you get sick is the way of the future. Ayurveda, short for Ayurvedic medicine, is a three thousand year-old healing system packed with wellbeing wisdom, including many daily […]

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety Naturally

4 Mins Read While there is no substitute for consulting with a mental health professional to address your condition, if you suffer from anxiety there are some natural options that can help improve your symptoms. Get your heart rate up. Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms in many studies. Sweating it out gets your blood flowing and […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Mindfulness: The Questions You Always Wanted To Ask

4 Mins Read What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of taking the opportunity to be aware of the present moment non-judgmentally and with intent while focusing on your breath. If this does not make immediate sense to you, don’t worry. It took us a few tries to fully understand. Basically, mindfulness is when you take time out […]