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Slashing Methane Emissions ‘Strongest Lever’ Against Climate Crisis, U.N. Experts Say

4 Mins Read Reducing human-caused methane emissions by 45% by this decade could put the Paris agreement goal of keeping temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius within reach, finds a new U.N. report. Representing the first comprehensive examination of the cost and benefits of methane mitigation, experts in the report conclude that taking “urgent steps” against methane emissions […]

Human-Caused Methane Emissions Have Been Severely Underestimated

3 Mins Read New research has emerged finding that methane emissions, the second largest anthropogenic contributor to global heating, has been vastly underestimated. While the data shows methane emissions may contribute a larger part to the total driver of the climate crisis, the good news is that reducing emissions from those methane-emitting human activities, such as fossil fuel […]