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Bad Vegan, Good Watching: Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary Shines A Light On Sarma Melngailis’ Fall From Grace

3 Mins Read Netflix has unveiled a new four-part series looking at a controversial figure from the restaurant industry. The latest in its collection of true crime stories, “Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives” tracks the case of Sarma Melngailis, former “Queen of Vegan Cuisine”. The series unravels her fast rise to popularity, followed by a descent into crime […]

Netflix Seaspiracy Review: If You Can Still Eat Fish After Watching This Film, We’re Not Made The Same

8 Mins Read Director Ali Tabrizi’s documentary film, backed by Cowspiracy’s executive producer Kip Anderson, is shocking, terrifying and an unsparing indictment of the commercial fishing industry. Let’s hope everyone on the planet watches it so our oceans have a chance at survival. Green Queen has covered every single fact and issue that Seaspiracy brings to life on […]

‘Netflix For Nature’: 5 Movies To Watch On WaterBear, New Documentary Streaming Platform

3 Mins Read WaterBear Network, a new on-demand video streaming platform that’s entirely dedicated to nature has just been landed. Described as the “Netflix” for documentaries about the planet, the platform is supported by over 80 global NGOs including Greenpeace, WWF, Lonely Whale, Conservation International, Sea Shepherd and the Jane Goodall Institute – and it’s entire content library […]

‘My Octopus Teacher’ Is The Nature Film You Need To Watch Right Now

4 Mins Read My Octopus Teacher is a nature documentary unlike any I have ever watched. It follows Craig Foster, an experienced diver and filmmaker, on his yearlong journey of friendship with, of all things, a wild cephalopod. I had few expectations going in, not having read anything about it or its makers, but the film took my […]

OPINION: Netflix’s Tiger King Epitomises Our Blatant Disrespect For Animals

3 Mins Read In the thick of a global pandemic, millions have been finding distraction in the new Netflix series Tiger King. The documentary series follows the life of zookeeper Joe Exotic and the trade that saw endangered species as money-making opportunities. The shocking scenes hooked viewers and quickly sent the show into viral territory, ranking as the […]

5 Climate Change Documentaries You Need To Watch Now

3 Mins Read It’s Friday night, you’re tucked in bed with a glass of wine and trying to cope with your eco-anxiety. You’ve already binge-watched Planet Earth and Cowspiracy, and you’re totally sick of The Inconvenient Truth by now. Or maybe you haven’t had the courage to dabble in documentary-mania. Whether you are an environmental policy nerd and […]