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New York Looks to Pass First Of Its Kind Sustainable Fashion Law

3 Mins Read January 2022 has seen the fashion world sit up and take notice. A new bill has been put forward to address unsustainable practices within the industry. If the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act is passed, New York will become the first state in the U.S. to account for fashion-related climate change. The bill, sponsored […]

You Probably Won’t Live In Singapore In 2050, Because Climate Change

2 Mins Read By 2050, cities around the world will experience never-seen-before weather patterns due to climate change. According to a new study, many of the cities facing unprecedented changes will be located in Asia, including Singapore, Jakarta, Rangoon and Kuala Lumpur.  The study, published in the peer-reviewed science journal PLOS ONE, was conducted by a group of […]