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New Zealand’s ‘Burp Tax’ Would Help Reduce Emissions From Livestock

3 Mins Read With more than ten million cows and more than 26 million sheep, New Zealand’s agriculture sector makes up nearly half of its greenhouse gas emissions. A new ‘burp tax’ could change that. With just about five million people, sheep and cattle greatly outnumber New Zealand’s population, and the Ministry of Environment says their emissions need […]

New Zealand Officials Wanted ‘Plant-Based Diets’ Removed From IPCC Climate Action Plan Summary

4 Mins Read New Zealand Government officials allegedly took action to dilute Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report recommendations. Official records demonstrate that representatives made the case for replacing a recommendation of plant-based diets with ‘healthy diets’. India and Kenya supported the motion. Germany and Sweden opposed the move. It appears that New Zealand took umbrage at […]

New Zealand’s Berkano Foods To Develop Own Vegan Meat Range After Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

3 Mins Read Berkano Foods, the New Zealand plant-based ready meal startup, is now gearing up to launch an alt-meat range. The company recently closed a crowdfunding campaign with more than NZ$30,800, which will fuel its product portfolio expansion, which also includes new frozen vegan pizzas, sauces and desserts.  Berkano Foods is set to join New Zealand’s homegrown […]

New Zealand To Introduce World’s First Climate Law For Financial Firms

3 Mins Read New Zealand is set to become the first country in the world to introduce a law that would subject financial firms to climate reporting. The law, which is expected to receive its first reading this week, will require banks, insurance firms and investment managers to make disclosures on the impacts of climate change on their […]

Global Race For Plant Food Innovation As Consumer Demand Continues To Skyrocket

3 Mins Read Consumer demand for plant-based proteins has accelerated, and manufacturers are now racing to compete in what is quickly becoming a highly competitive market. There is little sign of slowdown: companies are focused on innovating quality plant-based ingredients to keep up with increasingly healthy and environmentally conscious consumers, backed by the latest scientific research on the […]

New Harvard Study Says You Don’t Need Meat, Plant-Based Diet Provides Complete Nutrition

3 Mins Read In a recent study published in Scientific Reports, researchers confirmed that all our nutritional needs can be satisfied without eating meat. In addition to being nutritionally sound, choosing plant-based alternatives would be more environmentally optimal, and conserve more protein and energy than conventional meat. Faced with our global climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and health epidemic, […]

Hello New Zealand? This Is Your Government: Go Vegan!

3 Mins Read Well, almost. In their latest sustainability report, New Zealand’s Ministry of Health strongly promotes plant-based diets as a way to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and improve daily food choices. The report also looked at other actionable changes, such as driving less and using less power in buildings.  The Health Ministry’s report emphasised that current […]

Seafood Series Part 3 – Top 5 Sustainable Seafood Shops

3 Mins Read Green Queen has given you the lowdown on how to buy seafood sustainably and you now have a guide to seafood ecolabels– all that’s left is to actually buy the seafood. Looking to make a delicious seafood feast that is as sustainable as it is delectable but not sure where to find what you need? […]

Seafood Series Part 2 – A Guide to Seafood Ecolabels

3 Mins Read Feel overwhelmed during your seafood shop and not sure which labels means what? Not to worry, Green Queen has put together this handy guide to help you navigate the confusing world of seafood ecolabels. Next week, we share our list of the top places to buy sustainable seafood in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!      […]

Seafood Series Part 1 – How to Buy Seafood Sustainably

6 Mins Read When it comes to buying fish and seafood, Green Queen knows it can be hard to know if you are making the right choice. We want to help. In this three part series, we cover everything you need to know to be an informed and sustainable seafood buyer including what to buy, where to buy […]