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Circular Fashion: H&M Launches Kids Collection Made From Recycled Plastic Collected On Indonesian Beaches

4 Mins Read As part of its Bottle2Fashion project, H&M has partnered with Danone Aqua to transform plastic bottle waste from the shores of Indonesia into recycled polyester, the same material used for its latest kidswear collection. The H&M kidswear collection launched on January 14 is made from approximately 3.5 million PET bottles that were transformed into recycled […]

Organic Baby Wear Guide: Hong Kong’s Cutest Clothing Companies

4 Mins Read With the advent of knowledge surrounding the importance of buying organic (from organic nutrition, to organic beauty, and organic cotton – remember when we told you that conventional cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops?!), it comes as no surprise that our city is seeing a rise in organic baby wear brands for our […]

Green Living: Eco Habits Tried & Tested by Caroline Roy

3 Mins Read An earlier version of this post was published on Apronto’s Blog.    A full year after embarking on my 100 days of self study, here are the habits that worked for me and that I stuck with: truly tested every day behaviors. They include, without wanting to belabor these points: saving energy & water at home, refraining from […]

Green Queen Loves: Apronto Organic Cotton Aprons

3 Mins Read Apronto‘s founder Caroline Roy is not your average eco-mom. Not content with simply doing the usual daily green chores like recycling or making sure to switch off the lights, she embarked on a half year long period of ‘eco-examination’ during which time she meticulously recorded everything her family did on a day to day basis […]

Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top 5 Green Baby Wear

2 Mins Read A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Mama Hong Kong.    Baby clothes have always been adorable, but now thanks to some great local shops they can be green as well!  So next time your precious sweetheart outgrows those tiny socks, check out these shops for items that are high in cuteness […]