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Can Microalgae Oil Replace Unsustainable Palm Oil?

3 Mins Read In a bid to replace palm oil, scientists at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore are looking underwater. A research team claims that oil extracted from specific strains of microalgae coil offer a viable alternative to the environmentally-harmful conventional choice.  The oil is claimed to offer personal health and sustainability benefits, according to findings published in […]

Unilever Announces $120 Million Investment To Scale Production Of Palm Oil Alternative

4 Mins Read Unilever has formed a strategic partnership with San Diego-based biotech Genomatica (‘Geno’) to pursue a path to commercialisation for the latter’s microbial fermented alternative to unsustainable palm oil. Unilever anticipates other investors joining the initiative, though its $120 million investment is the only financial commitment confirmed to date. The collaboration is the conglomerate’s largest-ever partnership […]

Indonesia Locks Down Palm Oil Exports As Global Food Prices Soar

3 Mins Read In a move to secure food for the domestic market, Indonesia is halting palm oil exports as the war in Ukraine drives global food prices up. Nearly half of packaged products contain palm oil. It’s found in food from cookies to pizza crust, personal care products, and animal feed, among others. But it’s as problematic […]

Mars Says It Has Achieved Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Supply Chain

4 Mins Read American multinational confectionery and food giant Mars, Inc. has recently announced that it has delivered on its pledge to achieve a deforestation-free palm oil supply chain. According to the firm, the milestone required a dramatic simplification of its global value chain, from shortening its list of suppliers to more rigorous mapping, management and monitoring of […]

Top Environmental Books To Read To Your Kids, Because Climate Change

4 Mins Read You might have heard about “The Greta Effect” that is causing a surge of popularity in environmental children’s books. It’s time to hop on the latest trend that will cultivate climate awareness in our next generation of world leaders. Running out of ideas on what to get your niece? Want to empower young people and […]

The Truth Behind Hong Kong’s Financial District & Climate Injustice

3 Mins Read New research by the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA) has explored the mostly hidden links between Hong Kong’s financial district and global environmental damage. Finding a connection between the physical financial spaces in the city and climate change events, the research group aims to present their findings in a virtual web documentary called Market Landscape. […]