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Pangolin Scales Removed From China’s Official Traditional Medicine List

4 Mins Read Update (July 2): This article has been updated to reflect that while China’s 2020 pharmacopoeia has removed pangolins from the key traditional Chinese medicine list, it is still included as an ingredient in several listed patent medicines formulas. The scales of pangolins, the world’s most trafficked mammal, has just been removed from the official traditional […]

Vietnam To Take Action On Illegal Wildlife Trade Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

3 Mins Read Vietnam is preparing to ban the trade of wildlife and tighten measures on the illegal trade after a number of conservationist groups called on authorities to take action against the cruel industry. It comes as the world is battling the coronavirus outbreak, which has renewed global attention on not only the inhumane and environmentally damaging […]

China Permanently Bans Wildlife Trade But Leaves Loopholes For Medicinal Uses

3 Mins Read The current coronavirus epidemic has prompted China to permanently ban the trade and consumption of wild animals. While the move is widely praised by conservationists, experts warn against overoptimism as wildlife taken for traditional medicinal purposes will be exempt from the ban. As evidence emerges about the potential link between pangolins – illegally traded across […]