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Hong Kong & China Feminine Care Startup LUÜNA Launches Organic Sanitary Product Subscription, Menstrual Cup

3 Mins Read Hong Kong & Shanghai-based menstrual care brand LUÜNA announced the launch of their organic cotton sanitary products subscription services and menstrual cup this month. The female-led company aims to empower women in Hong Kong with accessible, natural, toxin-free and sustainable period products suited to each individual’s personal needs. This is a step up for Asia, […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 4 – Propylene Glycol

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Propylene glycol is an alcohol-based industrial grade solvent used mostly as a ‘wetting’ agent. It helps makes products more fluid, and easy to spread on (your body). It is most notorious for its usage in anti-freeze; the exact same formulation is also used in personal care products. […]

Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top Indie Beauty Brands

8 Mins Read A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Hong Kong.    Satisfy your inner beauty junkie urges with the finest of the city’s local and handmade beauty products. Below the best in class on all matters beauty & body so you can make the most sustainable choices. Better for the planet, better for you! […]