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‘Digestive Breath Test’ App FoodMarble Tells You Why You’re Bloated

3 Mins Read Digestive issues are tricky and deeply individual. For some, spicy foods are the ultimate trigger of stomach pains, while others experience bloating after consuming fruit salad. Simply put, there’s no one-sized-fits-all approach – and it’s precisely why solutions to digestive problems are so hard to come by. But one digital health startup, FoodMarble, believes its […]

Health: New Urine Test Can Assess Your Diet Quality, Help Suggest Tailored Nutrition Plan

3 Mins Read Scientists have recently published their findings that a new five-minute urine test can help measure the health of an individual’s diet. It can also reveal each person’s unique urine “fingerprint”. The results represent a breakthrough for personalised health and nutrition, and will help empower individuals with in-depth information on whether their current diet is suited […]

Instead of Meds, Major US Grocery Store Trials Food As A Prescription

3 Mins Read Major US supermarket chain Kroger is currently testing a “food prescription” program where in-store nutritionists will help individual customers fulfil their dietary recommendations from doctors. The pilot program not only integrates Kroger Health Professionals into the consumer shopping experience, but also involves the use of the supermarket’s app that scores food based on nutritional value […]