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Gut Microbiome Nutrition Pioneer DayTwo Raises US$37M For Metabolic Diseases Solution

4 Mins Read Israeli precision nutrition startup DayTwo has raised US$37 million to continue developing its gut microbiome sequencing AI technology that makes dietary recommendations for people with diabetes and other metabolic illnesses. DayTwo says the funds will also contribute to its ongoing research on the link between individual gut bacteria and other diseases to create new precision […]

Meet The Brinc Startups Who Are Solving Food, From Vegan Bacon To Cell-Based Pork To Human Breast Milk Infant Formula

6 Mins Read Brinc, the Hong Kong-headquartered accelerator and venture capital that has committed to invest in over 1,000 climate-conscious firms over the next five years, just hosted its Virtual Demo Day today (January 28), which showcased the latest batch of startups graduating from their food tech accelerator programs. We take a look at the young startups who […]

New Canada Guidelines First To Approach Obesity As Chronic Disease

3 Mins Read New guidelines published in Canada are challenging the conventional treatment of obesity and urging doctors to approach the health problem as a complex chronic illness, rather than a weight loss issue. These guidelines on obesity management are believed to be the first of its kind in the world.  Published on Tuesday (August 4) by Obesity […]

Health: New Urine Test Can Assess Your Diet Quality, Help Suggest Tailored Nutrition Plan

3 Mins Read Scientists have recently published their findings that a new five-minute urine test can help measure the health of an individual’s diet. It can also reveal each person’s unique urine “fingerprint”. The results represent a breakthrough for personalised health and nutrition, and will help empower individuals with in-depth information on whether their current diet is suited […]

Instead of Meds, Major US Grocery Store Trials Food As A Prescription

3 Mins Read Major US supermarket chain Kroger is currently testing a “food prescription” program where in-store nutritionists will help individual customers fulfil their dietary recommendations from doctors. The pilot program not only integrates Kroger Health Professionals into the consumer shopping experience, but also involves the use of the supermarket’s app that scores food based on nutritional value […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Smartification & Personalisation Of Food

2 Mins Read Forget personalised meal delivery, in the future, you will be 3-D printing your bio-bespoke dinner at your favourite restaurant. That’s right, everything on your plate is about to get much ‘smarter.’ With more and more research revealing the extent to which individuals are different from each other, from our response to foods to our unique […]

Global Race For Plant Food Innovation As Consumer Demand Continues To Skyrocket

3 Mins Read Consumer demand for plant-based proteins has accelerated, and manufacturers are now racing to compete in what is quickly becoming a highly competitive market. There is little sign of slowdown: companies are focused on innovating quality plant-based ingredients to keep up with increasingly healthy and environmentally conscious consumers, backed by the latest scientific research on the […]

New Harvard Study Says You Don’t Need Meat, Plant-Based Diet Provides Complete Nutrition

3 Mins Read In a recent study published in Scientific Reports, researchers confirmed that all our nutritional needs can be satisfied without eating meat. In addition to being nutritionally sound, choosing plant-based alternatives would be more environmentally optimal, and conserve more protein and energy than conventional meat. Faced with our global climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and health epidemic, […]