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Forever Chemicals: Experts & Women’s Health Groups Call For Global Phase-Out Of PFAS

4 Mins Read Health professionals and experts have urged for a global phase-out of PFAS, as more evidence over the harmful effects of these “forever chemicals” comes to light. The call, made by a global coalition of women’s health organisations under the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), says that existing policies are “failing to control widespread […]

‘Sperm Counts Could Reach Zero By 2045’: ‘Everywhere’ Plastic Toxins Behind Fertility Crisis That Threatens Human Survival

4 Mins Read Declining sperm counts and changing reproductive development is leading to a fertility crisis that could endanger human life, says leading epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan. Driving the trend is our growing exposure to “everywhere chemicals” and environmental toxins found in everything from plastic containers to beauty products, which are damaging the planet as well as the […]

10 Things To Know Before You Eat Out Of That “Compostable” Takeaway Bowl

6 Mins Read You’ve surely seen the rise in fibre bowls. Light in weight, brown in colour, and clearly marked as compostable, biodegradable, plant-based – these have sprouted all over town in cafés and restaurants, replacing styrofoam or wax-lined paper cups in a bid to “go green”. They’ve become the food industry’s widely adopted measure, representing some kind […]