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Meet These 7 Food Techs Making Pig-Free Bacon A Reality

5 Mins Read When it comes to the foods that plant-based folk miss, bacon never fails to make it on the list. Let’s face it: who doesn’t love bacon? From topping maple syrup-covered pancakes, to making the perfect breakfast fry-up and simply being the irreplaceable B in the classic B.L.T. sandwich, it’s pretty much a consensus that we’re […]

Is Seaweed Bacon The Next Big Plant-Based Thing? $3 Million Says It Could Be

4 Mins Read Californian startup Umaro Foods, formerly Trophic, has announced the completion of a $3 million seed round led by AgFunder to support the launch of its first product, plant-based bacon made from seaweed protein. Umaro has developed proprietary, undisclosed, technology to convert seaweed from ‘plant to protein’. The result is a red-coloured protein ingredient that is […]

Ironman-Approved: Mycelium Bacon Maker Atlast Secures US$40M To Ramp Up Whole Cut Plant-Based Meat Production

3 Mins Read Atlast Food Co., the food tech behind the plant-based mycelium bacon alternative, has closed US$40 million in its Series A financing round to expand its whole cut plant-based meat platform. The round, which saw participation from leading alternative protein investors as well as the leaders of multiple CPG giants, will also go towards building the […]

Prime Roots: This Plant-Based Startup Is Using Koji To Bring Home The Bacon

4 Mins Read There’s no doubt that plant-based meat is taking over grocery aisles all over the world, from “bleeding” Impossible Foods beef burger patties to Heura’s vegan chicken strips and even 100% plant-based OmniPork “Spam”. While the options and formats are plenty, many startups are using soy protein as the base ingredient. Berkeley, California-based Prime Roots is […]