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VictuaLiv: Latinx Military Veteran Desiree Mora Creates The Ultimate MultiVitamin For Vegans

3 Mins Read Co-founded by latinx military vet Desiree Mora, VictuaLiv is a new vegan supplement featuring nine essential vitamins and minerals to help consumers easily transition to a plant-based diet based on research on the most important nutrients for those following an animal-free eating regime. When founder Mora’s son was born, she began researching, reading, and watching […]

Vegan Doctors Debut Online Healthcare Service With Focus On Plant-Based Diets

5 Mins Read Recently, vegan doctors from the UK launched an online lifestyle medicine service based on plant-based nutrition that will offer patients access to nutritionists and registered dietitians along with helping them transition to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Vegan medical doctors Shireen Kassam and Laura Freeman recently launched a healthcare service, Plant Based Health Online (PBHO), […]

InBloom: Kate Hudson To Debut New Plant-Based Nutrition Brand

2 Mins Read Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has announced that she will be launching a new plant-based natural body nutrition company this August. Called InBloom, the brand will offer non-GMO, plant-based, synthetic-free and eco-friendly wellness supplements. Hudson revealed that she decided to launch her new venture earlier she originally intended because pandemic has highlighted the importance of health […]