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This Food Tech Is Making Smoked Vegan Salmon From Spirulina Algae

3 Mins Read Israeli’s SimpliiGood has revealed that it has successfully prototyped a smoked salmon analogue made purely from spirulina algae. The development is cited as being the first of its kind. The company already produces products including meat substitutes, drinks and ice cream. This will represent its first foray into alt-seafood, a globally growing sector. A prototype, […]

Vivera Debuts Plant-Based Salmon Fillet That Costs Less Than The Real Thing

3 Mins Read JBS-owned Vivera has revealed a new vegan salmon analogue that the company says mimics the flavour, fattiness and flaky texture of real salmon in response to a ‘lack of plant-based fish alternatives’ currently in circulation in the Netherlands. Sold in a pack of two, for €3.49, the Dutch brand claims that this makes it more cost-effective […]

Hooked Foods Raises US$600K To Fuel Plant-Based Tuna Launch Across Sweden

3 Mins Read Hooked Foods, the Swedish food tech behind the world’s first plant-based shredded salmon, has announced that it has raised SEK 5 million (US$600,000) in funding ahead of its nationwide launch of Toona, their vegan-friendly tuna product. Rolling out in restaurants across Sweden in Spring 2021, the startup revealed it also has long-term plans to bring […]

Meet The Students Working On 3D Printed Plant-Based Salmon Fillet

4 Mins Read A team of students, known as Legendary Vish, are now developing 3D printed plant-based salmon. After working on 3D printing processes for medical technologies as a part of their doctorate projects, the group began modifying the technology to print plant-based proteins and binders in a structured seafood fillet format, something that most vegan seafood alternatives […]

Swedish Food Tech Startup Creates World’s First Plant-Based Shredded Salmon

4 Mins Read Hooked, a Swedish plant-based food tech, is creating the world’s first vegan shredded salmon product. As the most consumed seafood protein in Europe, the startup has set its sights on disrupting the continent’s food system with its cruelty-free, toxin-free, healthy and sustainable alternative. In the future, Hooked wants to develop plant-based calamari and shrimp.  Founded […]