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The Lantau Island Paddle Project: 2 Teachers, The Open Sea And A Whole Lot of Plastic Trash

4 Mins Read Wading through grimy, oily beach water filled with trash, debris and several dead sea life over the north beach of Discovery Bay’s presumed picturesque resort development, Jonny Haines was completely devastated while paddle boarding around the coves in the area he calls home. Taking a GoPro to film one of his excursions last summer, his short four-minute video is […]

HK Mom Lisa Odell Is On A Mission To Make Our City Plastic-Free & Here’s Why

4 Mins Read It was a little less than a year ago that Hong Konger Lisa Odell became acutely aware of the sheer volume of plastic waste mounting in her own household. More specifically, she suddenly realized she was throwing the rubbish out daily. “Our recycle bin was overflowing with so much plastic,” recalls the Chicago transplant. “I just wanted […]