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Global Green Energy Transition: China To Ramp Up Local Demand & Supply Of Renewables, Says Credit Suisse

5 Mins Read Recently published analysis by financial services provider Credit Suisse shows that China will have several opportunities that will help the country accelerate its local demand and supply of renewable energy sources in order to eventually achieving its net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2060 and end dependency on foreign manufacturing. During the 24th Credit Suisse Asian […]

Anti-Renewables ‘Planet of the Humans’ Film Taken Down From YouTube

3 Mins Read Michael Moore’s controversial documentary, Planet of the Humans, has just been removed from YouTube in response to a British environmental photographer’s copyright claim. The film has been widely condemned by climate scientists for its unfactual portrayal of renewable energy.  Since Moore dropped the full version of his movie on YouTube on the eve of Earth […]

OPINION: Michael Moore’s ‘Planet of the Humans’ Film Trashes Clean Energy, Offers Zero Solutions

8 Mins Read Editor’s Note: Lest this piece may be misunderstood, it’s worth nothing that this publication believes a good takedown can be an incredibly important tool in the climate crisis fight. But takedowns should be nuanced, fact-checked and offer helpful, hopeful alternatives. Planet of the Humans does neither. Yes clean energy is plagued by many issues. Does […]

Seoul: 1 Million Homes & Public Buildings To Be Solar Powered By 2022

3 Mins Read A renewable energy revolution currently underway in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. By 2022, every single public building and 1 million homes in the city will have solar panels. This move is a part of the country’s concerted shift towards green energy, particularly after public pressure began to mount against the country’s coal importing […]

BNP Paribas Analysis Says Demise Of Big Oil Is Coming Within A Decade

4 Mins Read According to a new analysis by BNP Paribas, the big oil industry is “now in relentless and irreversible decline,” mostly thanks to the dip in prices for batteries and renewables, which is driving an electric vehicle – EV – revolution. These findings suggest that oil demand will peak in less than one decade, giving hope […]