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Okra Japanese Bar Sai Yin Pun – A Revelation in ‘Ocean To Table’ Dining

5 Mins Read With his new Japanese joint in cosy hipster enclave Sai Ying Pun,  Beijing stalwart Max Levy introduces Hong Kongers to the seafood sourcing equivalent of the farm to table movement. Let’s call it ‘ocean to table’. Okra is a sake bar with an a la carte menu focused on everything seafood. From the custom Kumamoto ceramic clay […]

Green Queen Foodie: Clean indulgence at LockCha Tea House Part 1

4 Mins Read Dim sum, or yum cha as the locals call it, is made up of a selection small dumplings in all flavours and cooking styles. The bite-friendly sized dumplings make it easy to overindulge and before you know it, you have had a dozen pieces whilst happily chatting with friends! With regular dim sum, this can […]