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Is Plant-Based Fish Made From Food Industry By-Products The Future Of Alt-Seafood? This Tempeh Startup Says Yes

3 Mins Read UK-based tempeh manufacturer Better Nature is expanding its product range to include alternative seafood. Using traditional tempeh fermentation techniques with food industry by-products, the company claims it can replace conventional fish. To develop the product, Better Nature has been awarded a £350k grant from Innovate U.K. Better Nature says that its fish analogue will be […]

Revo Foods Has Launched Its Vegan Smoked Salmon In The UK

3 Mins Read Austria’s Revo Foods has debuted its plant-based smoked salmon analogue in the U.K. It will be sold by GreenBay, a popular online vegan supermarket. The launch follows a successful domestic unveiling back in October last year and subsequent European rollout into more than 15 countries.  Revo says that it has developed its recipe to appeal […]

BioMeat And The Volcani Institute Launch E-FISHient To Develop Cultivated Tilapia

3 Mins Read Israel’s E-FISHient Protein is a joint startup project between BioMeat and The Volcani Institute that aims to develop, produce and market cultivated tilapia fish meat, using non-animal serums. Such serums are being considered for commercial sale, if they prove effective. BioMeat will act as controlling partner in the arangement, snaring 76 percent of E-Fishient’s share […]

Aqua Cultured Foods Launches Seed Funding Round Amidst Output Spike

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has revealed it has successfully doubled its biomass fermentation output of vegan seafood. The startup claims to now be able to produce twice as much product in the same timeframe, generating buzz for commercial possibilities. All varieties made by the company are applicable, including whole-muscle cut tuna, whitefish, shrimp, calamari and […]

Vivera Debuts Plant-Based Salmon Fillet That Costs Less Than The Real Thing

3 Mins Read JBS-owned Vivera has revealed a new vegan salmon analogue that the company says mimics the flavour, fattiness and flaky texture of real salmon in response to a ‘lack of plant-based fish alternatives’ currently in circulation in the Netherlands. Sold in a pack of two, for €3.49, the Dutch brand claims that this makes it more cost-effective […]

Is The Future Of Fried Calamari Mycoprotein? This Foodtech Startup Says Yes

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has announced the successful development of its initial commercial product: mycoprotein squid. Using microbial fermentation technology, the company has created plant-based calamari “fries.” Mycoprotein has been used to create a comparable texture, appearance, and taste to conventional calamari. Additionally, the whole-cut sushi-grade product contains a high nutritional value. Executive chef Johnny […]

Thai Union Expands Into Vegan Seafood With Cultivated Options Being Explored

3 Mins Read Thai Union Group (‘TU’), one of the world’s largest seafood manufacturers, has announced it is exploring cultivated seafood. The tinned tuna giant, which owns brands including John West and Chicken of the Sea, has unveiled a new innovation centre charged with developing vegan seafood. Partnerships with other companies through a venture fund initiative offer potential […]

Plantish Reveals World’s First Plant-Based Whole-Cut Salmon Fillet

3 Mins Read Israeli foodtech startup Plantish is ready to reveal its first product prototype. The company has developed a 100 percent plant-based salmon fillet that replicates every aspect of conventional fish. The successful development is a result of proprietary patent-pending manufacturing technology. Products will eventually be available for manufacturing on a large scale but at low cost […]

5 Vegan Seafood Alternative Launches To Watch

4 Mins Read Basic meat replacements, such as burgers, have become widely available. Now, attention is being turned to vegan seafood alternatives, a shift motivated by a global drive to reduce commercial fishing (and partly inspired by the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. ) The global alternative seafood sector grew by 23 percent in 2020. It is predicted to reach […]

Wildtype Signs U.S. Distribution Deals For Cultivated Salmon Despite No Sign Of Regulatory Approval

3 Mins Read San Francisco startup Wildtype has announced distribution deals with U.S.-based sushi bar franchiser Snowfox and poké chain Pokéworks. The former operates in-store sushi bars at over 1,230 grocery store locations throughout the country, while Pokéworks currently has 65 outlets with plans to grow to more than 100 by 2023. Commercial rollout is dependent on regulatory […]

Swiss Food Giant Nestlé Launches Plant-Based Egg And Shrimp Alternatives

3 Mins Read After making a public commitment to regenerative agriculture food supply chains last month, Switzerland-based food giant Nestlé has launched egg and shrimp alternatives, further expanding its portfolio of plant-based foods available to consumers. The new products will first be available in select markets in Europe as a limited test run. Nestlé will launch its egg […]

Cell-Cultured Startup Finless Foods Makes Plant-Based Entry With Tuna Product

4 Mins Read Californian cell-cultured seafood startup Finless Foods has announced its expansion into the plant-based seafood category, debuting a new vegan tuna alternative as the “next step” in their company’s mission to protect the oceans. It comes as part of the food tech’s “brand refresh” to better reflect and communicate its impact goals with consumers.  Finless Foods […]

Breaking: Green Monday Food Tech OmniFoods Debuts OmniSeafood Plant-Based Fish Range With Fillet, Tuna, Crab Cakes & Salmon

6 Mins Read Just over a year after launching its groundbreaking vegan “spam” analogue OmniPork Luncheon, Green Monday is expanding its OmniFoods range with a brand new line of plant-based seafood alternatives. Announced today (June 8) on World Oceans Day during an invite-only global media press conference, the new OmniSeafood range marks the Hong Kong-based food tech’s first […]

Bluu Biosciences Secures Funds From Delivery Hero’s VC To Accelerate Cell-Based Fish In Europe

4 Mins Read Berlin-based Bluu Biosciences has secured investment from DX Ventures, the venture capital arm of European online food delivery giant Delivery Hero. The capital raised is part of Bluu’s seed funding round, and will go towards accelerating the food tech’s time-to-market and distribution strategy when it launches its first cell-based fish products.  Delivery Hero-backed DX Ventures […]

Bluu Biosciences Closes US$8.2M Seed To Bring Europe’s First Cell-Cultured Fish

4 Mins Read Berlin-based Bluu Biosciences has bagged €7 million (~US$8.25 million) in a seed funding round to fuel its R&D focused on cell-cultured fish. As the only food tech in Europe dedicated to culturing seafood species, the startup joins the handful of companies around the world active in this field. Bluu Biosciences says its oversubscribed funding round […]