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Is Seaweed Bacon The Next Big Plant-Based Thing? $3 Million Says It Could Be

4 Mins Read Californian startup Umaro Foods, formerly Trophic, has announced the completion of a $3 million seed round led by AgFunder to support the launch of its first product, plant-based bacon made from seaweed protein. Umaro has developed proprietary, undisclosed, technology to convert seaweed from ‘plant to protein’. The result is a red-coloured protein ingredient that is […]

Trophic Is Using Seaweed To Develop The Planet’s Most Sustainable Protein

4 Mins Read Right now, soy dominates the planet as the most widely available and productive source of protein. Trophic is now on a mission to change that. The Berkeley, California-based startup believes that seaweed holds the key – not just because they think it will help products taste great, but also because it could be the world’s […]

Seaweed-Based Protein: French Biomarine Startup Algaia Scores US$2.4M To Improve Plant Meat Texture

3 Mins Read Algaia, a French biomarine ingredient company specialising in seaweed natural extracts, has just completed a US$2.4 million investment round, which it says it will spend on developing a new range of seaweed-based solutions that can be used to create plant-based substitutes. The company has seen double-digit growth over the past years, as demand for seaweed-based […]