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How This Startup Changed The Conversation About FemCare & Periods In Asia

4 Mins Read Founded in 2015 by Olivia Cotes-James, LUÜNA Naturals was born out of the founder’s frustration at the lack of non-toxic menstrual products on the Asian market. Based out of Hong Kong and Shanghai, the startup has differentiated itself not only as a femcare brand that not only offers 100% toxin-free, organic and natural cotton sanitary […]

Kimberly-Clark Invests US$ 25M In Reusable Period Underwear Thinx

3 Mins Read Multinational personal care corporation Kimberly-Clark has invested US$ 25 million in reusable period underwear brand Thinx, signalling that sustainable menstrual care products is a market that is here to stay. The investment is expected to enable the online startup to tap into mainstream retailers and supermarkets, and will fund the company’s efforts to launch a […]