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10 Simple, Sustainable Lifestyle Tips for a Greener Year

6 Mins Read As more individuals make small but meaningful changes to their daily lives, we can make a major difference for the planet. We don’t know about you, but that definitely gets the Green Queen team excited about the changes we can take on for the new year to tackle climate change goals head-on. If you need […]

Consumers Across The Globe Are Willing To Change Their Behaviour To Become Healthier & Sustainable, New Survey Shows

4 Mins Read The results of a a newly released global consumer insights survey suggests that consumers are willing to change their lifestyles with ‘one’s wellbeing’ considered as the top area of interest for consumers in all markets, irrespective of age and demographic. The survey, conducted by global market research firm GlobeScan across 27 markets, shows that people want to take […]

Green Revolution: ‘Nudge Brands & Consumers With Smart Tech To Incite Behavioural Change’, Says New Report

4 Mins Read A new consumer research report has highlighted “brand peer pressure” and technological innovation as critical to push forward sustainable behaviour among both shoppers and businesses. The new report, conducted by a team of behavioural change and sustainability experts, also puts forward a range of recommendations, among them reminding consumers that “they are not alone when […]