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60% Fish Species May Not Survive Global Warming, Study Finds

2 Mins Read A new study reveals that climate change will impact fish species far more than previously thought. Finding that embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming ocean temperatures, researchers say that if global heating continues unabated, by 2100, up to 60% of fish species around the world will be unable to survive. Even if […]

Worst-Case Global Heating Estimates Not Strong Enough, Research Shows

3 Mins Read New modelling data suggests that worst-case scenarios of global heating may not be severe enough, and that the climate is significantly more sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously thought. Rather than a 3 °C shift in climate sensitivity, the cloud data is showing it could be as high as 5 °C – a situation that […]

New UN Reports Shows 5-Year Period Ending 2019 Hottest Ever On Record

3 Mins Read A just-released landmark report by the United Nations World Meteorological Organisation reveals the record-breaking state of global warming. A new United Nations report published on Sunday reveals that global warming is at an all time high, with the five-year period ending 2019 set to be the hottest ever on record. This news comes after the […]