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What Draws Seventh Day Adventists to Vegan And Vegetarian Lifestyles?

5 Mins Read By Tamas Lestar. Christianity is often regarded as a staunch opponent of veganism – after all, most Christian denominations are highly carnivorous in their dietary ethics. Many proclaim liberty to consume animal flesh as they assume animals to be a gift created for food by God.  The Bible’s depiction of human-animal relations has been used to […]

Cultivated Meat And Cow-Free Dairy Deliver On Protein But Don’t Ravage The Planet

4 Mins Read By: Evan Fraser, University of Guelph, Katherine Alexandra Newman, University of Victoria, Lenore Newman, University of The Fraser Valley, Michael von Massow, University of Guelph, Robert Newell, University of The Fraser Valley The protein sector is at a crossroads. On the one hand, global demand for animal protein has never been higher. On the other, meat and dairy already have an outsized hoofprint on the world’s farmlands. And […]

Pop Culture Role Models Could Be Surprising Allies In Fight Against Climate Crisis

4 Mins Read By: Denise Baden, University of Southampton It is often implied that all we need are technological solutions and more renewable energy to solve our environmental issues. But history teaches us that as technology progresses and we become more efficient, we simply consume more. This has associated environmental problems, such as plastic waste, water pollution and mining for […]

Octopus Farms Raise Massive Ethical And Evironmental Concerns

5 Mins Read By Alexandra Schnell, University of Cambridge, Heather Browning, London School of Economics and Political Science, Jonathan Birch, London School of Economics and Political Science When you imagine an octopus’s world, you might well see a curious creature in a complex undersea environment.  Yet the reality of life for some octopuses is existence within a barren tank, inescapably surrounded by humans and other […]

The War On Plastic: Are We Missing The Bigger Picture? Stigmatisation Vs. Deinstitutionalisation

5 Mins Read By: Céline Louche, Delphine Gibassier & Jennifer Goodman “Plastic-free aisle”, “No plastic straws”, “Plastic-free Tuesday”. Social media abounds with anti-plastic messages and chilling statistics about the quantity of plastic in our oceans, food, clothes and bodies flash before us in quick succession. Shocking images that circulate widely provoke emotions and generate momentum for action on plastic. […]

The Urban Forest Of The Future: How To Turn Our Cities Into Treetopias

4 Mins Read By: Alan Simson  The 21st century is the urban century. It has been forecast that urban areas across the world will have expanded by more than 2.5 billion people by 2050. The scale and speed of urbanisation has created significant environmental and health problems for urban dwellers. These problems are often made worse by a lack of […]