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“We Are All Greta” Authors On Climate Activism During Coronavirus

4 Mins Read Valentina Giannella and Lucia Esther Maruzzelli, authors of the book “We Are All Greta” and “Green Nation Revolution” offer advice on what everyone can do for the climate movement whilst stuck at home during the pandemic.  The Covid-19 pandemic has been keeping half of humanity on lockdown. For those of us fortunate enough to do […]

INTERVIEW: ‘We Are All Greta’ Author Valentina Giannella “We Are Making The Worst Use Of The Earth”

8 Mins Read We had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with children’s book author Valentina Giannella, who recently penned We Are All Greta. First published in Italian last April, it has since been translated into 13 languages, with the translated English edition now available all over the world. Filled with digestible, data-backed facts, the book answers all […]