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One Year Later: First Vegan ETF Proves Climate Investing Is Profitable

3 Mins Read One year ago, Beyond Investing launched the world’s first cruelty-free and climate-forward exchange-traded fund (ETF), the US Vegan Climate ETF, on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker VEGN. Now, one year later, VEGN stands strong and has proven that climate-conscious investing isn’t just ethical, but it’s profitable too.  Since its inception, VEGN has […]

INTERVIEW: HappyCow Founder Eric Brent “One Day, Fast Food Chains Won’t Even Give The Choice Of Conventional Meat”

7 Mins Read Twenty years ago, Eric Brent presciently founded HappyCow, a free online service that lists sources of vegan and vegetarian food all over the world including restaurant, grocery stores and all other type of vegan-friendly businesses and services. Since its inception, the platform has become the go-to resource for vegans and plant-based enthusiasts who religiously check […]

The World’s Best Vegan Apps & Online Resources

6 Mins Read There’s no doubt that making the switch to a totally plant-based lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding. It can also present some significant challenges. Basic living becomes more complicated: What restaurants to eat at? Which hotels to stay at? Where to find vegan-friendly products? Luckily for modern vegans, the power of technology now makes it easier than ever […]