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The Every Co Proves Out New Animal-Free Egg White With Macaron Collaboration

3 Mins Read The Every Co has announced the launch of its Every EggWhite, debuting a line of animal-free egg macarons via a partnership with high-end patisserie brand Chantal Guillon. Created using identical egg proteins, the company says the fermented product perform exactly like its conventional counterpart. Macarons are notoriously high stakes in the patisserie and can be […]

Finnish Researchers Develop Fungi-Based Egg White Alternative

3 Mins Read As innovators and scientists race to develop animal-free alternatives to chicken eggs, a research team in Finland has created a new egg white alternative made from fungi; the development could represent the first of its kind. Like The Every Company, precision fermentation was used to create the sustainable, animal-free albumin. The product requires up to […]