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From Raising Chickens To Growing Mushrooms: Here’s How Livestock Farmers Can Make The Sustainable Leap

4 Mins Read Scientists and climate activists have called for an urgent transition to a more sustainable food system. The future food system envisioned is one without animal agriculture, the industry that drives as much as 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, water contamination and contributing towards antimicrobial resistance.  In an climate and pandemic-stricken age where environmental […]

How the Demand for Cheap Soy Is Destroying the Amazon

4 Mins Read What’s certain is that the growth in both the soy and beef industries have come at the expense of the Amazon rainforest. As of 2019, Brazil is the world’s largest soy producer, with at least 24 million hectares of land devoted to cultivating soy crops, most of which are from GMO seeds. This area is […]

The 7 Best Places for Vegan Food In Bali

5 Mins Read Indonesia is incredibly vegan and vegetarian-friendly, but it’s Bali that really stands out as the ultimate plant-based heaven in the country. The island is now well-known for its abundant plant-based food scene, with vegan options available at almost every corner store and restaurant. While you’ll certainly need no help searching for vegan and vegetarian eats […]

5 Latinx Vegan Food Brands We are Obsessed With

4 Mins Read Vegan food is always a great alternative to the unsustainable food system, but know what’s even better? Vegan food that excites and surprises the tastebuds. Deep flavours rooted in cultural significance and topped off with some national pride? That’s what we’re talking about.  Latin America’s collection of vibrant countries turn out a plethora of memorable […]

The 7 Best IKEA Vegan Food Options To Eat In-Store And At Home

5 Mins Read IKEA has made certain commitments to increasing its vegan food ranges. It is upping the plant-based stakes in its restaurants, at its takeaway counters and in the food halls. But which items are worth trying? Pledging to make its menus all 50 percent plant-based by 2025, IKEA is offering vegan food consumers access to more […]

5 Chinese Vegan Instagram Chefs You Need To Follow

4 Mins Read As a source of inspiration, Instagram is hard to beat. Especially when it comes to cooking. Swipe through instructions, gorgeous pictures and helpful videos all make embracing a new cuisine so easy. Even one that has a reputation for being tricky to master, such as Chinese cooking. The following five Chinese vegan innovators will have […]

From Korean To Indian: 5 Multicultural Vegan Cookbooks We Are Obsessed With

5 Mins Read Vegan food is great. Finding new vegan recipes to try is even better. As more cuisines lend themselves to easy plant-based substitutions and reimaginings, global palates are opening up. So, step away from the ready meals and press pause on the same old favourites because we’ve found five cookbooks that will awaken your inner gastronome. […]

Pizza Hut Expands Its Vegan Offerings With 3 New Pies

3 Mins Read Pizza Hut continues its expansion into dairy-free and vegan options with the addition of three new options at locations across Germany. The new vegan ‘Chik ‘n’ Cheez’, ‘Smokey BBQ’, and ‘Tuscany Spicy’ are now available. The launch is a first for Pizza Hut Germany, a move it said it made due to increasing customer demand. […]

South Africa Declares War On ‘Meaty’ Plant-Based Food Labelling

4 Mins Read The South African Department of Agriculture, Land reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) has imposed stringent labelling rules on plant-based foods. With immediate effect, all references to ‘meaty’ terms must be removed from product packaging, or manufacturers face being banned from sale. The move stems from what is being considered an extreme interpretation of existing regulations […]

PlantBaby Scoops $4 Million For Organic Clean Label Infant Nutrition R&D

4 Mins Read Hawaii-based vegan milk maker PlantBaby has announced the closure of a $4 million seed funding round. It was led by Big Idea Ventures and with participation from The Fund LA, Two Culture Cap, Springbank Collective and Western Technology Investment and notable private investors including actor Daniella Monet and Athletic Greens president and COO Kat Cole. […]

Malaysia’s Newly Rebranded Veg-Hub Adds Groceries To Food Delivery Platform As Demand For Plant-Based Grows

4 Mins Read Malaysia’s plant-based food delivery platform Zesty Clickz has undergone a total rebrand. Newly dubbed Veg-Hub, the service has grown to include the delivery of groceries and personal care products. It now stands as the self-proclaimed only all-vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based marketplace in the country.  In its first incarnation, Veg-Hub had 60 food partners signed up […]

Brevel Nets $8.4 Million For Food System Disruption With New Microalgae Alt-Protein 

4 Mins Read Israel’s Brevel has closed a successful seed funding round, scooping $8.4 million during the raise. Participating investors included FoodHack, Good Startup VC, Tet Ventures and Nevateam Ventures, amongst others. Grants were also awarded by the E.U.’s Horizon 2020 programme and Israel’s Innovation Authority. The cash injection will be used to construct a pilot production plant. […]

Mycorena’s MIND Facility Becomes Europe’s Largest Mycoprotein Production Plant

3 Mins Read The Mycorena Innovation and Development centre has recently undergone an expansion. The enlarged facility, located in Gothenburg, now takes the title of Europe’s largest operational mycoprotein production factory. Recent construction saw Mycorena’s office headquarters, fermentation facilities, development kitchen and pilot production line all brought together under one roof.  Not just the largest, MIND is considered […]