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Meet The Vegan Entrepreneur Who Created Vietnam’s Dairy-Free Cheese Market

3 Mins Read Kashew Cheese is a startup on a mission to create a dairy-free cheese market in Vietnam. The young company produces healthy, plant-based artisan cheeses made with local ingredients, notably cashews, which are fresh and abundant in the country. Founded by vegan Lê Na when she realised that foreign vegan cheese brands were buying up huge […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Ho Chi Minh City

6 Mins Read There’s a huge chance you will be stopping by Ho Chi Minh City if you’re travelling in Vietnam. Still called Saigon by some locals, the country has a never-ending stream of vegan and vegetarian options. While many travellers might use the city as a stopover for their next Vietnamese adventures, we’d say there is a […]