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BeVeg Becomes First Vegan Certification To Be ISO Accredited

2 Mins Read BeVeg International, a Miami-based vegan certification organisation, has just become the first vegan standard to be accredited and recognised by ISO 17065, the international quality assessment for bodies that certify products, processes and services. It marks an important step in ensuring vegan quality assurance in products, from food to fashion.  BeVeg’s vegan certification program has […]

Top British Lawyer Says Eating Meat & “Ecocide” Could Be Illegal In The Future

3 Mins Read A leading English barrister has recently voiced out that the government should implement stricter laws to make illegal activities that destroy the environment – including the consumption of meat. Scientists across the world agree that the world urgently needs to reduce carbon emissions in order to avert climate disaster, and animal agriculture is one of […]

No More Chicken: KFC Branch To Go 100% Meat-Free For Week Without Meat

3 Mins Read A branch of KFC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands will be replacing all chicken with meat-free Quorn products to mark the national “Week Without Meat” initiative, which will be taking place across the country this year from the 9th to 15th March. Though the fast food giant’s initiative will be limited to their branch located in […]

Study Finds Majority Of People Support Veganism For Ethics & Environment

3 Mins Read A study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath has found that most meat eaters consider veganism to be “ethical” and good for the environment. The study, which focused on psychological attitudes that impact shifting preferences away from animal consumption, shows that the general population already agree with the benefits of vegan diets to […]

California City Passes Resolution For Hong Kong Activist Movement Green Monday

2 Mins Read Hong Kong’s very own plant-based social activist movement movement has gone global in a big way. Green Monday US, the social enterprise’s North American arm, has achieved a milestone decision: the Berkeley City Council, in California, has approved a ” unanimous resolution to implement Green Monday in partnership with ​Green Monday US​.” The Northern California […]