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As Humans Continue to Decrease Meat Consumption, So Do Our Animal Friends

4 Mins Read The rise of flexitarianism and veganism appears to be having a tangible side effect, other than improved personal and planetary health. According to recent vegan pet food sales figures, pet owners are increasingly switching their animals to meat-free diets. Researchers have drawn an irrefutable link between meat-eating and cancer risk. Similarly, vets have confirmed that […]

Your Favorite Energy Bar Brand Is Now Making Clif Bars for Dogs

3 Mins Read Known for its popular energy bars and snacks, category leader Clif Bar is now entering the pet food arena with jerky snacks for dogs. The move is designed to expand distribution into new markets. The company aims to double in size and this new venture will bring heightened consumer awareness outside the snack bar sector. […]

Cats Fed Plant-Based Diets Can Live Healthy Lives, New Study Suggests

3 Mins Read A new study suggests that contrary to popular belief, cats fed plant-based diets that are nutritionally sound do not appear to be adversely affected at all. In fact, researchers found that cats who were on vegan diets had more ideal body condition scores than their meat-eating counterparts. While the paper acknowledges that further observational studies […]

Asia Expansion: Plant-Based Dog Food Brand V-Planet Launches In Japan

2 Mins Read San Francisco-based vegan dog food brand V-planet has announced that its 100% plant-based kibble products are now available in Japan for the first time. Partnering with Wholefoods, Inc., a Kyoto-based distributor of plant-based foods, V-planet says that the launch marks a major step forward in making animal-free pet food options more widely available in Japan […]

Bond Pet Foods Creates World’s First Animal-Free Chicken For Dogs & Cats

3 Mins Read Bond Pet Foods, Inc., a biotech startup making animal-free proteins for pet food, has announced that it has developed the world’s first animal-free cultured chicken meat protein for cats and dogs. The Boulder, Colorado-based company also revealed it closed a bridge funding round, and hailed its prototype as a major step towards scale-up and commercialisation.  […]