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Icelandic startup Loki Foods Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Atlantic Cod Fillet

4 Mins Read Icelandic startup Loki Foods has raised a pre-seed $650,000 to develop a line of realistic and nutritional alternative seafood products, including a whole-cut, plant-based white fish fillet alternative. The company says their sustainable Atlantic cod analogue beats conventional fish meat on nutrition and cooks just like the real thing. The product also has the potential […]

Current Foods Nets $18 Million For Vegan Smoked Salmon Retail Push

4 Mins Read San Francisco’s Current Foods, formerly Kuleana, has closed an $18 million seed funding round as global appetite for plant-based seafood continues to grow. Investors included GreatPoint Ventures, Union Grove Venture Partners, Astanor Ventures and Electric Feel Ventures, amongst others. Funding has been earmarked to support the retail launch of Current Foods’ smoked salmon analogues. Alongside, […]

Whole-Cut Vegan Snapper Is Coming To APAC Plates

3 Mins Read Indian vegan seafood startup SeaSpire has unveiled a plant-based snapper fish analogue created using bio-printing. The company says the seven-ingredient alternative is clean label and the first of its kind in the APAC region. It was created using a proprietary printing platform that has sought to capture the texture of conventional fish using AI for […]

5 Brands Making Plant-Based Seafood So Realistic You Can’t Tell It’s Vegan

3 Mins Read Seafood is a fast-growing niche of the alternative protein sector. With that is a sub-niche of unbelievably realistic plant-based whole-cut products. Made using 100 percent vegan ingredients, these substitutes for fish and seafood claim to be healthier, more sustainable and a solution to the consequences of global overfishing. The following startups are looking to remove […]

Jack & Bry Debut World’s First Unbreaded Jackfruit Fish Fillet

3 Mins Read UK plant-based meat startup Jack & Bry has unveiled what they claim is the world’s first unbreaded jackfruit fish fillet, in partnership with The Cornish Seaweed Company. According to the company, all other comparable products use a coating to contain the jackfruit flakes. The development has been hailed as the closest thing to real fish […]

Revo Foods Nets $2.3 Million Alongside New Ultrarealistic Salmon Fillet Debut

4 Mins Read Austrian foodtech startup Revo Foods has secured a €2.2 million grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The equity-free award was granted to help Revo continue its 3D printed seafood developments. It comes as the company unveiled its first whole-cut analogue during a public tasting event held in Vienna last month. Revo’s plant-based salmon fillet […]

Birds Eye Recreates Its Bestselling Fish Fillets In Vegan Format

4 Mins Read Birds Eye has expanded its Green Cuisine range to include Battered Fishless Fillets. It comes as the company seeks to replicate its most successful conventional lines. The animal-based Birds Eye Battered Fish Fillet is the most frequently purchased frozen fish line from the entire product portfolio.  The new vegan fillets have been developed using rice […]

Seafood Reboot Nets $3.3 Million To Launch A New Wave Of Plant-Based Fish

4 Mins Read Paris-based alt fish startup Seafood Reboot has closed a €3.2 million pre-seed funding round led by Demeter Investment Managers with participation from Senseii ventures, Founders Future and Beyond Impact. New funding has been secured to support ongoing R&D activities ahead of commercial launch of a first-generation plant-based seafood analogue.  Founded by Francois Blum and Simon […]

‘It Flakes Like The Real Thing’: Irish Startup Debuts Whole-Cut Vegan Cod

3 Mins Read Irish startup Sea & Believe recently unveiled its newest development: a vegan whole-cut cod fillet. The company considers the breakthrough to be its biggest to date. It follows the commercial release of seaweed goujons and seaweed burgers. Both are sold in 50 locations across Ireland presently. The cod fillet was shown at IndieBio’s demo day […]

Happy Ocean Foods Nets New Investors for Its Vegan Seafood During ‘Lion’s Den’ Appearance

3 Mins Read Munich-based Happy Ocean Foods, which makes plant-based alternatives to shrimp, has secured two investors following an appearance on Lion’s Den. The programme is the German version of the U.S.’s Shark Tank and the U.K’s Dragon’s Den. The alt-seafood startup welcomed backing from former Formula 1 racing champion Nico Rosberg and Dagmar Wöhr. As part of […]

Aqua Cultured Foods Launches Seed Funding Round Amidst Output Spike

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has revealed it has successfully doubled its biomass fermentation output of vegan seafood. The startup claims to now be able to produce twice as much product in the same timeframe, generating buzz for commercial possibilities. All varieties made by the company are applicable, including whole-muscle cut tuna, whitefish, shrimp, calamari and […]

Meet The Vegan Fishmongers: The Rising Tide of Plant-Based Seafood

7 Mins Read Vegan seafood is on the rise — but what’s behind its growth, and who are the key players? And are plant-based seafood whole-cuts a reality? If you look at the myriads of lists forecasting vegan trends in 2022, plant-based seafood appears on virtually all of them. According to the Good Food Institute, alternative seafood received […]

Is The Future Of Fried Calamari Mycoprotein? This Foodtech Startup Says Yes

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has announced the successful development of its initial commercial product: mycoprotein squid. Using microbial fermentation technology, the company has created plant-based calamari “fries.” Mycoprotein has been used to create a comparable texture, appearance, and taste to conventional calamari. Additionally, the whole-cut sushi-grade product contains a high nutritional value. Executive chef Johnny […]

6 US Vegan Fish Brands New York’s Mayor Eric Adams Should Try

4 Mins Read New York’s ‘vegan’ Mayor, Eric Adams has come under fire. Just days after implementing Vegan Fridays in the city’s public schools, he has admitted that he still eats fish sometimes.  There are lots of reasons why eating fish is not necessarily a healthy choice—even in moderation. Adams says he reversed a diabetes diagnosis through a […]

Impact Food Dives Into The Surging Vegan Tuna Race With Whole-Cut Bluefin

3 Mins Read Californian startup Impact Food has announced the soft launch of its new plant-based tuna that claims to capture the taste and texture of real whole-cut tuna found in sushi and poké. The young company has used a biochemical approach to mimicking conventional raw fish. The result, according to the founders, is authentically flakey. Impact Food […]

Current Foods Makes Its Sushi-Grade Sustainable Vegan Tuna And Salmon Available for US-Wide Delivery

3 Mins Read Newly rebranded Current Foods has announced the launch of a direct-to-customer sales initiative. The company, which was formerly known as Kuleana, making its vegan tuna and smoked salmon analogues available for delivery throughout the U.S. Interested consumers can sign up for pre-launch access to a new online shop, which will feature Kuleana Tuna and smoked […]

Plantish Reveals World’s First Plant-Based Whole-Cut Salmon Fillet

3 Mins Read Israeli foodtech startup Plantish is ready to reveal its first product prototype. The company has developed a 100 percent plant-based salmon fillet that replicates every aspect of conventional fish. The successful development is a result of proprietary patent-pending manufacturing technology. Products will eventually be available for manufacturing on a large scale but at low cost […]

5 Vegan Seafood Alternative Launches To Watch

4 Mins Read Basic meat replacements, such as burgers, have become widely available. Now, attention is being turned to vegan seafood alternatives, a shift motivated by a global drive to reduce commercial fishing (and partly inspired by the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. ) The global alternative seafood sector grew by 23 percent in 2020. It is predicted to reach […]

NotCo Set To Replace Salmon And Tuna Ahead Of Asian Expansion And Potential IPO

3 Mins Read Chilean unicorn NotCo has announced a host of 2022 plans. Advancing into new markets, including Asia and Oceania, and making waves in the alternative seafood sector are primary objectives. Further, the possibility of a 2023 Nasdaq IPO is being floated. New developments will follow an exciting close to 2021. Chile’s NotCo recently unveiled NotChicken, created […]

Starbucks Hong Kong Is Now Serving Up Vegan Seafood 

3 Mins Read Starbucks Hong Kong has just added a new plant-based option to its menu, collaborating with Green Monday’s food tech arm OmniFoods for the dish. The new offering, a fish-free crab cake salad, features the new vegan crab analogue launched under the OmniSeafood range.  Starbucks Hong Kong has just added yet another green dish to its […]