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Vegetarians Score Better Health Biomarkers Than Meat-Eaters, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read Researchers have found that people who are vegetarian have a healthier biomarker profile compared to meat-eating folk. The British study’s findings, presented at the recent virtual European Congress on Obesity (ECO), is consistent despite age and weight factors and crucially, is unaffected by smoking and alcohol consumption.  University of Glasgow researchers have found a consistent […]

How To Feed 10 Billion: Scientists Say This Diet Will Save The World (And You!)

2 Mins Read Scientists have designed a new “planetary health diet” to tackle health related issues, global hunger and environmental problems caused by the current food system. This new diet is primarily plant-based, and involves cutting out large amounts of red meat alongside other changes. As the world’s population continues to grow, the significant role livestock farming plays […]