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New Book Exposes WWF Backing Of Inhumane Trophy Hunting Industry

3 Mins Read In a new book, ex-campaign staffer for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claims that the organisation he used to work for as well as other conservation agencies such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) offers help for the trophy hunting industry. Titled Trophy Hunters Exposed – Inside the Big Game Industry, […]

Survey Finds Mass Public Support To Eliminate Illegal Wildlife Markets Across Southeast Asia

4 Mins Read A new GlobeScan public opinion survey commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conducted during the global Covid-19 pandemic finds almost universal support across Southeast Asia for governments to take action on illegal and unregulated wildlife markets. Respondents from the survey demonstrated a strong understanding about the connection between outbreaks of disease and the wildlife […]

4,500 Hong Kong Companies & Buildings Joins Global Earth Hour 2020

3 Mins Read People across nearly 160 countries around the world came together to celebrate Earth Hour by switching off their lights this year on the 28th March, a global environmental initiative created by the WWF. Held in Hong Kong since 2009, the Earth Hour event this year marks the 12th time it has been held in the […]

10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Hour During The Coronavirus Pandemic

3 Mins Read Started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its partners, Earth Hour is now one of the world’s most famous movements for the environment with participants coming together from all over the globe every year to switch off their lights for one hour. This year, Earth Hour is taking place on Saturday 28th March from […]

Future Foods: Here Are The 50 Plants You Will Be Eating In The Future

7 Mins Read Our global food system is in trouble. By 2050, estimates suggest that the global population will grow to 10 billion and our current agricultural infrastructure cannot guarantee a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet for that people. While there are many issues we need to overcome, including the environmental costs of factory farming, our over-reliance on […]

HELP: Hong Kong Dolphin Tours Days Away From Closing Down Due To Low Tourism

2 Mins Read Due to the recent drop in tourist numbers, the number of people going on pink dolphin sightseeing tours organised by The Hong Kong Dolphinwatch has plumetted, and the ecological tour operator is now only days away from going out of business. The group is the city’s only organisation running excursions following governmental guidelines, and all […]

The Amazon Crisis Isn’t Just About Beef, It’s Also About Cheap Soy

4 Mins Read What’s certain is that the growth in both the soy and beef industries have come at the expense of the Amazon rainforest. This past week netizens have been sharing their outrage about the Amazon, where fires are burning at a faster rate than ever before, blackening skies across the region and suffocating the vital organ […]

Global Race For Plant Food Innovation As Consumer Demand Continues To Skyrocket

3 Mins Read Consumer demand for plant-based proteins has accelerated, and manufacturers are now racing to compete in what is quickly becoming a highly competitive market. There is little sign of slowdown: companies are focused on innovating quality plant-based ingredients to keep up with increasingly healthy and environmentally conscious consumers, backed by the latest scientific research on the […]

8 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Amazon Rainforest

5 Mins Read As the raging wildfires continue to blacken skies across the Amazon region, enraged commentators have had little to say about what actions people can take beyond retweeting. There are actionable measures that we can all take right now to fight deforestation of the planet’s lungs, so that our impact does not just end with a […]

Fishing Net of Lies? Why Blockchain Can’t Prevent Food Fraud

2 Mins Read There’s been a lot of hopeful but misguided information about how blockchain is supposed to help with making food supply chains more traceable and eliminate food fraud. This one about a WWF-backed fish blockchain is a good example. Blockchain can solve many of the world’s biggest problems, but food fraud ain’t one. To paraphrase Andreas M. Antonopoulos, […]

6 Hong Kong Eco Petitions You Need To Sign NOW!

7 Mins Read It’s no secret that Hong Kong could do better on the environmental front. We don’t do enough to protect our country parks, or our heritage buildings, or our indigenous animal species. The road to change is a long and hard one. Most of us probably feel our voice cannot get heard, especially if we are not […]

Seafood Series Part 3 – Top 5 Sustainable Seafood Shops

3 Mins Read Green Queen has given you the lowdown on how to buy seafood sustainably and you now have a guide to seafood ecolabels– all that’s left is to actually buy the seafood. Looking to make a delicious seafood feast that is as sustainable as it is delectable but not sure where to find what you need? […]

Seafood Series Part 2 – A Guide to Seafood Ecolabels

3 Mins Read Feel overwhelmed during your seafood shop and not sure which labels means what? Not to worry, Green Queen has put together this handy guide to help you navigate the confusing world of seafood ecolabels. Next week, we share our list of the top places to buy sustainable seafood in Hong Kong. Stay tuned!      […]