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Coral Vita Raises US$2M To Expand Its Coral Reef Restoration Technology

5 Mins Read Coral Vita, a company that grows corals to restore dying reefs recently raised US$2 million in a seed round in order to modernize both coral restoration techniques and the economy surrounding them. Co-founded by friends Sam Teicher and Gator Halpern, the Bahamas-based Coral Vita recently raised US$2 million in a seed round to showcase a […]

USDA 2020 Dietary Guidelines To Exclude Research Showing Meat & Processed Foods Harmful

4 Mins Read The Trump administration is restricting scientific input into the 2020 dietary guidelines, which are the recommendations for nation-wide school lunches and food assistance programs. By excluding research on the negative health effects of red and processed meat, ultra-processed foods and the role of sodium, the move by the federal government is likely to exacerbate the global […]