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The Complete Guide To Every Type Of Yoga From Ashtanga To Yin

5 Mins Read Workout fads come and go, but none can compare to the longstanding traditional practice of yoga. Rich in history- yoga dates back over 5,000 years ago, yoga isn’t just limited to asanas (aka yoga poses). The immense benefits of yoga also have to do with the uniting of body, mind and breath, resulting in peace of mind, stress […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: April Tsai Of The Water Lily Yoga Project

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? My mother’s recent death was my last push to truly embrace yoga as a profession: I completed my 200YRT Holistic Yoga Therapist training. This helped me to create a space for self-healing, which cured my grief-induced depression. I love healing people and teaching yoga gives me tremendous joy. I have been teaching […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Kelsea Bangora

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I started teaching yoga as a Bikram teacher in NYC in 2010. Before this, I had been practicing yoga for more than a decade in New York and was invited to attend an advanced yoga class for teachers. In this special class, I was surrounded by incredible yogis who […]

Weird & Wonderful Yoga Trends From Goat Yoga To Beer Yoga

4 Mins Read From hatha to ashtanga, bikram to lyengar, there are a range of traditional yoga formats practiced all over. But as with all things wellness, people are pushing the yoga experience to its limits and creating new and original ways to twist and stretch on the mat. Ever tried a standard vinyasa sequence between gulps of […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Karen Holt

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I was suffering from injuries that I had sustained from years of dancing and yoga gave me relief from chronic pain as well as a stiffening body. After years exploring my own personal practice I realized I wanted to teach yoga. I took my first 200HR teacher training and […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Nadine Bubner

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I started my teacher training’s at Yoga Limbs in 2009 (Ed. Note: the school has now closed) and finished their excellent program in 2010 and have been teaching ever since. Where and what type of yoga do you teach? I teach SUP Yoga and baby SUP Yoga with Dee Cheung. I […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Win-Sie Tow

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? While producing documentaries and working for independent film festivals, yoga became my soundtrack to calm a scattered mind and treat back pain. In 2012, I completed the YogaWorks 200-hour training in NYC and have been teaching in Hong Kong ever since. Where and what type of yoga do you […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Jessica Simkin Williams

3 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I became a certified yoga teacher in 2001. I started doing yoga with my mother a few years earlier and I found a teacher that I absolutely loved so whenever I was home from university I was attending her classes nonstop. Once I graduated from college, she really pushed me […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Charlotte Douglas

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I took my 250-hour teacher training at Yoga Limbs in Hong Kong in 2011. Sadly the school is no longer around but back then it was a fabulous place to study and practice yoga. Where and what type of yoga do you teach? I freelance, offering private and group […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Hersha Harilela Chellaram

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? In 2002, Swami Satchidananda (my Guru since childhood), suggested I spend a few weeks at his ashram to take a break from my stressed and confused life to sort my mind out. I took a yoga teacher training and never looked back. Where and what type of yoga do […]

Wellness Hacks: How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Teacher

4 Mins Read Your yoga practice is a deeply personal (and oftentimes emotional) thing. Finding the right human to guide you through it is no easy task. We asked veteran yogi and yoga teacher Karen Holt, founder of The Health Seed, to share her thoughts on how to pick the perfect yoga teacher.  When it comes to getting […]

7 Day Yoga Hack: Your Guide To Yoga in Hong Kong Every Day On A Budget

5 Mins Read Yoga should not be an expensive pursuit. Anyone looking for a practice should have options. We are thrilled to have guest author and devoted yogi Michael Bantigue of Yogaia Asia shows you where to find a yoga practice in Hong Kong every day of the week that you won’t have to break the bank to attend.  I […]