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HK Yoga Teacher Series: Easyoga Ambassador Marcus Wong

3 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I started teaching community yoga about 4 years ago after a brief period of teaching private sessions. Once I started teaching group classes and felt how exhilarating the group energy could be, it was clear to me that there was no turning back, especially in Ashtanga when the whole […]

The Complete Guide To Every Type Of Yoga From Ashtanga To Yin

5 Mins Read Workout fads come and go, but none can compare to the longstanding traditional practice of yoga. Rich in history- yoga dates back over 5,000 years ago, yoga isn’t just limited to asanas (aka yoga poses). The immense benefits of yoga also have to do with the uniting of body, mind and breath, resulting in peace of mind, stress […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Kelsea Bangora

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I started teaching yoga as a Bikram teacher in NYC in 2010. Before this, I had been practicing yoga for more than a decade in New York and was invited to attend an advanced yoga class for teachers. In this special class, I was surrounded by incredible yogis who […]

Green Queen Guide To Hong Kong Meditation Centers

6 Mins Read Life in Hong Kong means being in a constant state of stimulation. Neon lights are flashing for your attention. Collective noise from cabs, mobile phones, and street vendors are forcing your senses to stay alert. Throngs of people crowd the sidewalks, jostling for elbow room. It’s hard to get in a quiet moment over all […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Karen Holt

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I was suffering from injuries that I had sustained from years of dancing and yoga gave me relief from chronic pain as well as a stiffening body. After years exploring my own personal practice I realized I wanted to teach yoga. I took my first 200HR teacher training and […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Nadine Bubner

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I started my teacher training’s at Yoga Limbs in 2009 (Ed. Note: the school has now closed) and finished their excellent program in 2010 and have been teaching ever since. Where and what type of yoga do you teach? I teach SUP Yoga and baby SUP Yoga with Dee Cheung. I […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Charlotte Douglas

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? I took my 250-hour teacher training at Yoga Limbs in Hong Kong in 2011. Sadly the school is no longer around but back then it was a fabulous place to study and practice yoga. Where and what type of yoga do you teach? I freelance, offering private and group […]

HK Yoga Teacher Series: Meet Hersha Harilela Chellaram

2 Mins Read How did yoga enter your life? In 2002, Swami Satchidananda (my Guru since childhood), suggested I spend a few weeks at his ashram to take a break from my stressed and confused life to sort my mind out. I took a yoga teacher training and never looked back. Where and what type of yoga do […]

5 Easy Ways To Be More Mindful In Everyday Life

6 Mins Read Mindfulness, the most scientifically investigated form of meditation, has been the subject of a huge growth of interest in clinical and scientific circles in recent years. Mainly because the studies have largely announced the profound effect on our health. But what is mindfulness and how can you find it? Most of us equate mindfulness with […]

Dinacharya Dos: 6 Daily Ayurvedic Self-Care Habits For Optimal Wellbeing

4 Mins Read If there’s one resolution we all need to make, it’s to take better care of ourselves. Preventative healthcare, whereby you work on living a healthier life before you get sick is the way of the future. Ayurveda, short for Ayurvedic medicine, is a three thousand year-old healing system packed with wellbeing wisdom, including many daily […]

Wellness Hacks: How To Choose The Perfect Yoga Teacher

4 Mins Read Your yoga practice is a deeply personal (and oftentimes emotional) thing. Finding the right human to guide you through it is no easy task. We asked veteran yogi and yoga teacher Karen Holt, founder of The Health Seed, to share her thoughts on how to pick the perfect yoga teacher.  When it comes to getting […]

8 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety Naturally

4 Mins Read While there is no substitute for consulting with a mental health professional to address your condition, if you suffer from anxiety there are some natural options that can help improve your symptoms. Get your heart rate up. Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms in many studies. Sweating it out gets your blood flowing and […]

Green Queen Predicts: Health & Wellness Trends 2016

6 Mins Read It looks to be an exciting year for health & wellness, and Green Queen shares her predictions for what will be 2016’s biggest trends. 1. Bowl Everything Mark our words, this coming year the already-huge-on Instagram fad is going to take over IRL. Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls, rice bowls, poke, salad bowls, veggie bowls…Whatever you call […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Mindfulness: The Questions You Always Wanted To Ask

4 Mins Read What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of taking the opportunity to be aware of the present moment non-judgmentally and with intent while focusing on your breath. If this does not make immediate sense to you, don’t worry. It took us a few tries to fully understand. Basically, mindfulness is when you take time out […]

7 Day Yoga Hack: Your Guide To Yoga in Hong Kong Every Day On A Budget

5 Mins Read Yoga should not be an expensive pursuit. Anyone looking for a practice should have options. We are thrilled to have guest author and devoted yogi Michael Bantigue of Yogaia Asia shows you where to find a yoga practice in Hong Kong every day of the week that you won’t have to break the bank to attend.  I […]