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Plastic Atlas: Latest Edition Highlights Asia’s Plastic Pollution Crisis & Assesses Potential Solutions

4 Mins Read On Earth Day (April 22), the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Break Free From Plastic movement, and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) together unveiled the new Asia edition of the Plastic Atlas in English. The newly launched Plastic Atlas Asia edition provides a regionally focused overview of the ever-growing plastic pollution crisis, including a […]

10 Things To Know Before You Eat Out Of That “Compostable” Takeaway Bowl

6 Mins Read You’ve surely seen the rise in fibre bowls. Light in weight, brown in colour, and clearly marked as compostable, biodegradable, plant-based – these have sprouted all over town in cafés and restaurants, replacing styrofoam or wax-lined paper cups in a bid to “go green”. They’ve become the food industry’s widely adopted measure, representing some kind […]

Singapore Couple Inspires Community With Urban Farm-To-Table Concept

2 Mins Read Founded by Scott and Justine Farmer in 2018, The Farmers is a Singaporean social enterprise promoting sustainability, cultural reconnection and local ecology through urban agriculture. Their urban farm is located right in their front garden, and has encouraged their community to grow their own herbs and food, and reconnect with others and nature.  This venture […]

First Ever Plastic-Free Flight Takes Off in Friendly Skies

2 Mins Read In unprecedented air transport history, Portuguese charter airline Hi Fly has become the first operator to ditch single-use plastics on board. Following four series of of ‘plastic-free’ trial flights from a 10-hour Lisbon to Brazil journey all carrying a total of 700 passengers, the wet-lease carrier aims to make their entire fleet plastic-free by the […]

How To Be A Zero Waste Traveler: Our Eco Experts Share Their Top Tips

4 Mins Read Travel is a pursuit that involves a great deal of waste. From plastic hotel toiletries to the airline’s single serve complimentary beverage service, it can be easy to create a ton of trash before even arriving at your destination. But it doesn’t have to be! Planning ahead before your travels and being mindful during your […]

Local NGO EcoDrive Releases Start Small, Start Now Hong Kong Plastic Crisis Documentary

3 Mins Read Right in time for global campaign Plastic Free July, local not-for-profit (NFP) organization, EcoDrive, has released a documentary film about Hong Kong’s plastic problem. Start Small, Start Now, directed by London-based Photo Escapes Films, follows the journey of filmmakers John Alexander and Matthew Williams-Ellis as they catalogue the catastrophic effect of single-use plastic in the city and the waste debris […]

Heirlooms: Global Women Community Camel Assembly & Local Artist Thomas Herron Raise Alarm About Plastic Crisis

2 Mins Read Earlier this June, Camel Assembly, an international community of creative female leaders, joined forces with Hong Kong based designer, Thomas Herron to create a series of installations highlighting plastic pollution generated throughout the city for the UN Environment’s World Environment Day. Titled Heirlooms, the artists crafted 12 large-scale spheres molded from compacted, recycled, single-use plastic; constructing the same volume […]

Eco Womenpreneur Duo Launch Womb Online Marketplace for Conscious, Ethical, Sustainable Brands

4 Mins Read With a heightened awareness of the fashion industry’s dirty not-so-secret secret and widespread embrace of the zero waste movement facilitated by social media, sustainability and eco-friendly credentials are no longer niche concerns – it is now everybody’s problem. Between the degradation of our natural environment and the excess at which we are buying, voting with […]

#ZeroWaste: The Green 52 Ladies Want You To Change ONE Habit A Week

3 Mins Read Located on the south eastern shore of the New Territories, Clearwater Bay has been a longstanding favorite among expats and locals alike to live and play along the peninsula. A short commute from the hectic city with stunning beach views and beautiful hiking trails, the bay is frequent attraction all year long.  “It is an […]

Zero Heroes: Hong Kong’s Most Inspiring Zero Waste Kings & Queens

11 Mins Read As humans, we make choices every single day that matter so much more than it may seem. Your life today is a result of a cumulative series of decisions you made yesterday. Collectively, as a race, we have made decisions – good and bad – that have brought our ecosystem to where its at now. There is no denying […]