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#GiftGreenGiftKind: 25 Eco + Cruelty-Free Christmas Gifts From Local Brands

12 Mins Read Forget 12 days of Christmas, we’re doing 25! Christmas is around the corner and now more than ever we need to vote with our dollar and #GiftGreenGiftKind from local, cruelty-free, plant-based and low waste businesses. It’s been a really tough year for most businesses and this season, we’re supporting smaller, community brands that don’t list […]

5 Books To Kickstart Your Low-Waste Lifestyle Journey

3 Mins Read Are you ready to make the move to becoming more zero-waste this January? Faced with our overflowing landfills, the global plastic ocean pollution crisis and our ecological emergency, it’s more important than ever to make impactful changes to our daily lives. If you’re in need of some motivation and guidance in your low-waste journey, these […]

Glass Or Plastic: Which Is Better For The Planet?

7 Mins Read When you conjure up the term zero-waste lifestyle, many of us picture instagrammable rows of glass jars filled with bulk bought food staples lining kitchen pantries. But whether the obsession with glass containers is really that much better for our planet than older and less aesthetic options is a whole-nother debate that requires more in-depth […]