Bird Guide: Where To Get Your Holiday Turkey For Thanksgiving & Xmas Dinner

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Yay for Thanksgiving & Christmas dreams! It’s that merry time of the year again when visions of stuffing and pumpkin pie overtake all other thoughts! This is also the time when the quest for the perfect turkey becomes everyone’s most pressing grocery quest. This being Hong Kong, finding the right bird (ahem) is not an easy task. But your faithful Green Queen is here to help! Below we have the best turkey list in town: all options are sustainably sourced and available for online ordering and convenient delivery. The birds themselves hail from all over the place (we unfortunately do NOT raise turkeys here in Hong Kong) so no matter what your geographical preference, there is something for everyone.

The Porterhouse

Known around town for their extensive US steak selection, The Porterhouse also showcases Mary’s Free Range certified USDA organic turkeys raised in the beautiful state of California. The birds comes frozen and are non-GMO, fed a vegetarian diet, gluten-free, free-range and never given any hormones or antibiotics. A range of sizes are available: 10-11 lbs, 11-12 lbs and 12-13 lbs- so feel free to pick the one that works best with your guest list numbers. Delivery covers most addresses and is complimentary for order over HKD 500.

US Mary’s Free Range frozen whole turkey, 11-12 lbs, HKD 1, 238

South Stream Seafoods

Online seafood superstore South Stream Seafoods has a whole page devoted to the yuletide season so there is plenty to browse and fill your cart with- they stock 2 different types of turkeys. On the US front, they offer whole frozen certified USDA organic Organic Prairie turkeys and on the OZ front they stock whole frozen Steggles hormone-free and cage-free birds. Organic Prairie feeds its turkeys 100% organic feed and uses no hormones or antibiotics, on top of rearing them in open air so they get our vote! Southstream delivers to most locations all over Hong Kong and the minimum is HKD 500 for free delivery.

USA Organic Prairie frozen whole turkey, 12-13 lbs, HKD 935 (the 10-12 lbs option is now sold out)

Gonzalo Kosher Meat & General Food

For your kosher cravings, Gonzalo Kosher Meat has you covered! They offer certified glatt-kosher,  hormone-free, antibiotic-free, certified organic whole frozen turkeys that weigh in between 6-7 kg. They deliver everywhere, for free if you meet their HKD 500 minimum charge (which the turkey more than covers).

Canada frozen whole turkey, 6-7 kg, HKD 1, 110 – 1, 295

Meat Market HK

Another massive e-commerce selection, Meat Market has a range of free range birds! They have an average sized 5 kg turkeys from France and they also have a 4 kg and a 6 kg option from Australia. All of the turkeys are hormone-free, antibiotic-free and come frozen. The ozzie birds are pre-brined in case you are feeling lazy or if you are in a rush- the French birds come au naturel. Meat Market offers free delivery if your orders are a minimum of HKD 600 to 800 depending on your drop off address.

France frozen whole turkey, 5 kg, HKD 868

Tenderloin Fine Food

Online imported foods e-shop Tenderloin Fine Food offers Ecocert certified organic frozen whole turkeys from France, which are free from hormones, antibiotics and fed on organic grain, with each animal getting a four to six square metre grazing area. The birds run smaller than US and Australian versions, clocking in at 3.5 to 5 kilograms each, though the French do know how to eat well and stay slim, or so goes the adage. And anyway, Green Queen is always partial to the taste of gallic poultry, being French and all 🙂 Delivery is free if you spend over HKD 600 to 1, 000 depending on where you are located.

France frozen whole turkey, 5 kg, HK 650

Loi Chan Frozen Meat Co

For those in South Lantau, be sure to check out Loi Chan Frozen Meat Co‘s all natural and gluten-free Prestage Farm whole turkeys. Prestage Farm’s birds hails from the hills of North Carolina and the company is deeply committed to ethical and humane animal rearing including third party audits. They also have a commendable environmentally-friendly practices like only using grain grown by local neighboring farmers. Loi Chan is focused on Lantau folk (they need groceries too!) so they only deliver to Discovery Bay and Tong Chong with a HKD 300 minimum spend. Otherwise you can visit them in Mui Wo to stock up!

USA Prestage Farm frozen whole turkey, 10-12 lbs, HKD 290 

Pacific Gourmet

Find a wide variety of Steggles hormone-free whole frozen turkeys on Pacific Gourmet‘s website- most of you probably know them from their butchers/deli shops but they have a fair selection on the interweb too. As mentioned above, the turkeys are hormone and cage-free. Sizes range from 3.2 kg to 5 kg to 7.2 kg- ample choice! Delivery-wise, the minimum spend for it be free depends on where you are- from HKD 500 to HKD 1, 500.

Australia Steggles frozen whole turkey, 5.2 kg, HKD 780

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