Green Queen x Live Zero Limited Edition Christmas Hamper


This holiday season, vote with your wallet for the world you believe in: gift your loved ones the Green Queen x Live Zero Limited Edition Christmas Hamper to get them started on their Zero Waste Lifestyle and help them protect our Planet’s resources

#ZeroWaste   #PlasticFree   #EcoFriendly   #GiftActivist

Each Hamper includes:

  • Beeswax Cloth Reusable Wrap Large Size* (30x30cm) 

Save up to 10 rolls of plastic wrap per year

  • Live Zero Reusable Produce & Bulk EcoBags (Set of 3)

Save up to 700 plastic bags per year

  • Eko Savon Tea Tree & ACV Solid Shampoo Bar*^ 

Save up to 3 plastic bottles of shampoo

  • ZeroYet100 Natural Deodorant Recycled Paper Stick*^ (30gm)

Save non-recyclable plastic packaging from the landfill

  • Live Zero Reusable Silicone Food Stasher Bag (S) 

Save up to 50 plastic ziplock bags per year

  • The Lion Rock Press No Plastic Mm Goi Canvas Tote Bag

Save up to 700 plastic bags per year

  • Eco Living Store Mint Solid Toothpaste Tin^ (25g) 

Save non-recyclable plastic packaging from the landfill 

  • Live Zero Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush (Adult Natural)

Save non-recyclable plastic toothbrush from the landfill 

  • Live Zero Silver Metal Drinking Straw + Cleaning Brush

Save over 500 plastic straws per year

  • Live Zero Squishul Plastic-Free Pop Up Sponge

Save non-recyclable plastic sponge from the landfill 

  • The Lion Rock Press Surprise Plastic-Free Hong Kong Themed Christmas Ornament

Avoid disposable baubles 

  • Tak Chong Sum Kee Bamboo Steamer Company Reusable Dim Sum Steamer Basket* (10in)

Support the last handmade bamboo steamer artisan in Hong Kong

  • The Lion Rock Press FSC Certified Paper Christmas Gift Tag

HK$ 899 (HK$ 970 value)

*locally made ^non-toxic

Optional Add-Ons

  • The Lion Rock Press No Plastic Mm Goi Stainless Steel Eco Water Bottle in Jade (350ml) + HK$ 210

Save over 70 plastic bottles per year

  • Live Zero Keepcup Brew Reusable Coffee Cup (340ml) + HK$ 190

Save over 300 recyclable coffee cups per year

**10% of proceeds will be donated to anti-plastic NGO Eco Drive HK to help them promote the reduction of single-use plastics and raise awareness about plastic pollution across Hong Kong. **

13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year. This Christmas, don’t be part of the problem…


Additional Information

  • Each hamper is wrapped in twine (see photo) and canvas tote will act as carrier bag for when you collect it.
  • Hampers are available for FREE pick up at Live Zero Sai Ying Pun or Sai Kung stores starting from December 5 2018.
  • We can deliver the hamper to you between December 5-10 2018 for an additional HK$ 100.