The Green Queen Team

Sonalie Figueiras, Hong Kong’s Green Queen & Editor-in-Chief

Sonalie Figueiras is the founder and editor-in-chief of Green Queen, Hong Kong’s largest eco wellness media platform, advocating for social & environmental change using original, inspiring content and the founder and CEO of Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products created with a mission to make organic farming accessible & affordable for the whole planet. With over a decade of experience in publishing, SEO, digital marketing, organic trade and health journalism, she is a eco/wellness industry veteran with a keen eye for market trends and a regular on the speaking circuit, sharing her experience on stages across Asia and beyond. She recently¬†launched a brand new podcast series about the Zero Waste Movement in Hong Kong.¬†When she is not working, Sonalie is usually dreaming up new plant based recipes in the kitchen for her family.

Jenny Star Lor, Writer & Reporter

Jenny Star Lor is Green Queen’s resident wellness writer. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls Hong Kong home. Previously, she wrote and reported for global publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and US Weekly. She is also a passionate pole dancer and teaches classes across Hong Kong.

Tracy Turo, Co-Founder

Tracy Turo is a world-class data scientist with a passion for data-led decision-making. She is the co-founder of Green Queen and Ekowarehouse and among many other things, is responsible for digital campaigns and analytics across all the group’s properties, often hitting 100% conversion rates. She is Google Partner certified in Adwords and Analytics. In her free time, Tracy enjoys crafting and obsessing about US politics.