Green Queen’s Mission

Green Queen’s mission is to encourage, support and inspire you to live a healthier life in Hong Kong. You can count on Green Queen to curate your health & wellness Hong Kong universe. When it comes to anything eco, sustainable, organic, vegan and healthy in the +852, Green Queen is the only expert you need. 

The Green Queen Story

A few years ago, Sonalie Figueiras was attempting to live a healthier life in Hong Kong. It was hard work. Putting together an organic meal meant going to 3 supermarkets and 2 health food shops. Replenishing bathroom products meant traveling 45 minutes on the MTR to find eco-friendly shampoo. Cleaning her apartment meant convincing her husband that paying an extra 30% more for what seemed like nothing more than lemon and water was in fact going to save their lungs. But over time, her little ‘green’ book of addresses got longer. Convinced that there were others like her out there, she decided to create an online guide where she could share her findings. And voila! Green Queen was born.

Who Is Green Queen?

Green Queen is run by dream team Sonalie Figueiras & Tracy Turo. They met when they were randomly assigned as college roommates at the University of Pennsylania in Philadelphia many years ago. They have been best friends ever since. Sonalie and Tracy’s mission in life is to make it easy for consumers and businesses to make healthy choices. In addition to Green Queen, Sonalie and Tracy are the co-founders of Ekowarehouse, the world’s first online global B2B trade platform for sourcing certified organic products. They also moonlight in digital marketing consulting, helping SMEs decode the Google search algorithm, which feeds their boundless obsession with data analytics.

Meet The Green Queen Team

The Green Queen HK Directory

Green Queen’s HK Directory is Hong Kong’s largest and most detailed healthy living resource by any measure. Find listings like:

  • Conscious Dining: indie coffee shops, craft beer bars, farm to table restaurants, vegan takeaways, healthy cafes, cold pressed juiceries
  • Guilt-Free Groceries: organic veggie box deliveries, artisanal pantry, sustainable seafood, free-range chicken, grass-fed meat,  health food shops (online and off)
  • Eco Shopping: fair trade gifts & accessories, recycled wood furniture, organic baby wear, green toys, eco fashion, ethical jewelry 
  • Health & Wellness: organic spas, toxin-free cosmetics & skincare, detox & cleanse programs, supplements & superfoods 
  • Allergen-Free & Specialty Diets: paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and vegetarian lifestyle resources
  • Fitness & Yoga: the city’s most comprehensive list of gyms, fitness studio, yoga studio, mixed martial arts gym, dance studio
  • Charities & NGOs: Hong Kong’s most exhaustive list of charitable and non-profit organizations