The APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2022 - The Future is Asian

The latest developments in the food tech sector across the world's most populous region
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The APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2022 – The Future is Asian, published by Green Queen Media, is the much-awaited follow-up report to our award-winning APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2021 – APAC Acceleration published in September 2021. The latest report is the result of dozens of first-hand interviews and years of original reporting by Green Queen’s team of journalists and editors and promises an in-depth look into the alternative protein industry in the world’s most populated region, chronicling novel food technology startups and the ecosystem that supports them in the plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-based protein sectors.


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The much-awaited follow-up to the APAC Alternative Protein Industry Report 2021, voted best report in the world at the global Hallbars Sustainability Awards two years in a row!

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This report is the copyright of Green Queen Media and we assert our rights as its authors and publishers. The report is free for anyone to download as part of our impact media mission. We hope it will inspire more founders to launch alternative protein companies, invite more investment into this exciting new sector, and support much-needed work to help feed the world’s most populous region safely and sustainably.

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